What are wuhu mobile coupons and rewards?

wuhu is a mobile coupon and rewards site where you can get up to 40% off your monthly shop, or get the value back in real-time rewards.

Mobile coupons are paperless coupons or vouchers delivered to your phone that entitle you to savings on a particular product or products.

A reward is a free item you receive on top of your purchase when you buy a particular (specified) product.

How do I add coupons and rewards to my basket?

You will need to log in/ sign up to wuhu to receive coupons and rewards.

  1. Select preferred retailer
  2. Browse available coupons and rewards
  3. Select 'Get this Deal' on deals that interest you - the deal will automatically be added to your basket
  4. Select 'View My Basket'
  5. Follow the instructions once in your basket to redeem your deals at your store of choice. You'll receive an SMS containing the single deals code which can be used to redeem all items in your basket 6. This is the sms you need to present at the till point.

Help Topics

What if the transaction is unsuccessful and my deals code is not validated at the till point?

Your deals code may have already been used or you've typed in the wrong voucher number at the till. Try retyping the voucher number or check the details on the deal to ensure validity (right date, store, etc.). If that does not work, purchase the product, retain your till slip and report the incident here.

What happens to the deals in my basket once I've redeemed them in store?

Redeemed deals will disappear from your basket. Don't forget to reissue yourself a deals code for the balance of items in your basket.

When will my deals code expire?

Each coupon or reward is valid for a limited time period. Deals code validity is linked to the validity of the deals in your basket. If any coupoeals code. The deals expiry date is specified in the terms on the deal itself and in the SMS containing your deals n or reward in your basket expires, your deals code will also expire. Return to your basket to generate a new dcode.

Can the same deals code be re-used?

Deals codes are unique codes issued for a single redemption and are not reusable.

I used my deals code for some items in my basket. Can I use the same code again to buy the balance of items in my basket?

No, deals codes are for single use only. You will need to reissue yourself a new code from your basket. You will receive another deals code SMS for the balance of items in your basket.

Will the deals code used show up on the till slip?

No, the deals code will not appear, but a transaction reference number will appear so if you have any issues in store, please hang onto your slip so we can track the issue and resolve it quickly.

Where can I redeem my deals?

Mobile coupons and rewards are accepted at participating Spar, DisChem, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite and Shoprite Hyper stores. Remember to tell the cashier you have a deals code, and check the terms for more information on where it can be used.

How do I redeem DisChem, Pick n Pay, Checkers or Shoprite deals?

Once in your deals basket, you will be prompted to get your deals code. You will receive an SMS containing a unique deals code. Your deals code is the code you will use at the till point in order to redeem the savings and rewards in your basket. A deals code is only valid for one transaction. Shop for the products in your basket and enter your unique code on purchase to apply your savings. Once your code has been entered at the till, you will need to return to your deals basket to generate a new code, or visit to add more deals for your next shop.

How do I redeem Spar deals?

Once in your basket, you will be prompted to load your deals to your cellphone number. You will receive an SMS confirming when your deals have been loaded. Shop for the products that have been loaded to your account and enter your cellphone number at the till point to apply your savings.

What do I do if the store is out of stock of an item I want to redeem?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all stores will have stock of the items on wuhu however we do try to select products that have widespread distribution. You will need to try a different store or ask the store manager when they expect to receive more stock. Go to the retailer website to locate the nearest alternative store to redeem your savings and rewards

What happens if the store is offline?

The deals code will need a working internet connection to authorise and process transactions

How do I know whether the transaction was successful?

A transaction is successful when the teller receives confirmation of the successful processing of the deals code. If the process is successful, the deal will be deducted from your total basket or you will recieve a reward via SMS in real time. In the case of rewards a 1c discount will be reflected and a reward SMS will be received in real time. The Point of Sale will also print the slip confirming the transaction.

What happens if I don't receive my reward voucher SMS after purchasing the specified product?

If 1c off is reflected at till point and you do not receive your reward voucher SMS, email the below details to

  • the store visited
  • a copy of the till slip
  • the cell number you registered on wuhu with the deals code that was used

Can I get more than one discount or reward for the same item?

The coupon and reward limit varies per campaign and is stipulated on the deal on the site. If more than one coupon or reward is available for issue on a particular deal, a quantity drop down will appear and you will be able to select the number of items you would like to redeem.

How do I redeem my Hungry Lion Rewards?

On purchase of the specified product you will receive a reward voucher via SMS. You must go to your nearest Hungry Lion outlet, present your voucher code SMS and request your FREE Hungry Lion items.

How do I redeem my Ster Kinekor Rewards?

On purchase of the specified product you will receive a reward voucher via SMS. You must go to the self service terminal at any Ster Kinekor and enter your reward e-voucher code, select a movie and then receive your ticket. excludes 3D, Prestige and Imax Movies.

How do I redeem my Uber Rewards?

On purchase of the specified product you will receive an Uber Promo Code via SMS. You will need to download the Uber app to make use of this reward. Open the app and select 'PROMOTIONS' from the App menu. Input your Promo code to apply your Reward to your next Uber journey.

What happens if I delete or lose my deals code?

You will need to log back onto wuhu, enter your basket and reissue yourself a deals code SMS. If you experience any difficulties, simply email us at with the following details:

  • details of coupon you lost
  • cell number that was used to get coupon