Scan Till Slip
  • 1

    Place your till slip on a flat surface.

  • 2

    Make sure you capture the whole till slip in one photo

  • 3

    Check the photo is sharp and that everything is clear.

Is your Till Slip clear?

If your slip is very long, take several close up pics from top to bottom. You can upload several pics here. Please only submit ONE complete till slip.

My Scans

Please upload jpeg or png files here

How Wuhu Works

Take a look at how Wuhu works

Wuhu Rewards


Wuhu is Unilever’s exciting loyalty programme where you earn rewards when you buy participating products, from a range of valid retailers. With us, you can earn points and claim rewards from many retailers on many products by scanning your tillslips, and sign-up is free!




What is Wuhu?

The Wuhu rewards programme is entirely unique - points don’t come from one retailer. Buying participating products from valid partners gives you a points reward linked to the value of the product, straight back into your wallet in cashback points.

That’s not all – you can also enter exclusive competitions, enjoy Extra Deals for even more cashback on selected products in SPAR, and try our never-seen-before Missions, where you can complete different activities for even more points!


Signing Up & Getting Started

All we need from you is a little bit of info – your cell phone number and a password – and you’re good to go.

Sign up is free at or download the Wuhu app on Apple or Android.

When you’re in, click the big purple button. Then take a pic of the grocery till slip from a valid retailer (that’s less than 2 weeks old!). Upload the slip and watch those points load up – you can scan up to two slips per date. Check your Wuhu wallet balance at the top right of your screen.


Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

  • Do your grocery shopping at the valid retailers listed in the app or on the website.
  • Take a picture of your till slip using our app or upload it on the website.
  • Our AI will scan your slip for participating product names to give you cashback.

Sign up now!

Earn cashback, win prizes and nab great deals, all while you do the monthly groceries. Shopping’s never been this fun and rewarding before.


Is Wuhu easy to use?

  • Once you’ve set up your account, simply log in and click on the big purple button to take pictures of your till slips and upload them. Wuhu does the rest. All participating products are automatically identified on your till slip and Wuhu points are added to your Wuhu wallet. You can then use these points to buy vouchers or coupons from the Reward Store, or donate to a worthy cause.


Which retailers are included?

  • You can submit till slips for cashback points from major retailers including Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Spar, Woolworths Food, Clicks, Dis-Chem, Game, Makro, Checkstar, Food Town and Cambridge Food.
  • You can use your cashback points to buy vouchers or exciting coupons in the Wuhu Rewards Store. Coupons are released instantly! Vouchers need a bit of time for our team to check the tillslips sent in and then release the voucher code. 


How do you get retailer discounts?

  • You get retailer discounts in the form of cashback points every time you buy a participating product and scan a valid slip. You can get even more back when completing ‘missions’ or when using the stampcards on the Wuhu website or app. You’ll also find special retail discounts under Extra Deals where we double up on points for selected products.
  • Missions include things like watching a video, giving your opinion on a product, or even just scanning a till slip. The stamp cards work just like the good old-fashioned cardboard ones and you’ll be rewarded with a boost to your Wuhu wallet when you fill one up.


Get more in the Rewards Store

  • In addition to retailer vouchers, you can also buy essentials, like airtime, in the Rewards Store. PLUS you can swap your points for instant discounts at the till in selected retailers with our Unilever coupons! OR you can donate points to South African charities which do outstanding work in our communities, like Gift of the Givers and Liv Thokomala.
  • Visit the Wuhu website or download the app and get involved. Scan your slips, do a couple of ‘missions’ and, before you know it, your Wuhu wallet will be bursting at the seams with cashback points.


How do you earn cashback points?

  • You can earn cashback points in a number of ways. Here is how you do it:


Scan in your till slips

  • When you scan in your tillslip you not only get cashback points for a valid slip (10 per month), you also get extra points for buying any of the thousands of participating products.


Complete Missions

  • By completing certain activities on the Wuhu app or website you can earn even more cashback reward points. A few minutes spent watching a video, completing a survey, buying a product combo, referring a friend, or any of the other activities will all earn you cashback reward points.


Start a Stamp Card

  • There are stamp cards for certain products and brands that work just like an old-fashioned stamp card. Buy the product or brand a certain number of times and you’ll earn a reward bonus. Each offer is different.

See what’s on offer in the Extra Deals section

  • Extra Deals offer specials specific to a retailer. Here you’ll get Wuhu cashback reward points and discounts for buying a specific product or set of products from SPAR.


Participate in one of our exciting competitions